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Meet Brad Lovell.

Musician, Songwriter, Voice Over Artist, Actor,
Performer, Deep Thinker, Wistful Dancer,
Pragmatic Businessman, Responsible Human
& Flexible Thinking Creative Dude.

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Music by Brad Lovell


Brad has been actively working on the craft of songwriting from the age of 14. A well thought out lyricist and chronic observer of life, Brads music tries to convey simple messages about the world and it’s relationships to the people in it. He effectively dabbles in many different styles and tries to continually peel back the layers of life he watches every day.

As a songwriter conveying his acoustic music live Brad has the rare ability to connect with his audience on many different emotional levels. Be it a solemn whisper or an unbridled scream, an introspective ballad or an all out rocker, Brad’s goal live is to have his audience ‘experience’ his performance, not just ‘listen’. To Brad, playing his music live is an ‘emotional togetherness thing’.

Latest Single: Released November 9, 2012

Brad’s  single ‘Come On Christmas’ is a guitar driven retro rock Christmas tune about a perfect sleigh ride on a perfect Christmas night. We’ll never know if he actually got the girl. He won’t tell.

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Simple Voiceovers to Complete Corporate Audio Branding Programs

Custom Creative, Consulting and Audio Branding


Creative Audio and Voiceovers

A trained and experienced Voice Over actor and music producer, Brad has performed on and created on air advertising for a multitude of business clients. From his 24 track digital recording studio he writes copy and records custom client specific works to spec in a timely fashion. His multi platform skills in entertainment, product marketing and music performance give him the ability to create, perform and produce single handedly thus making the process more efficient and cost effective. Brad makes sure every project is done creatively and professionally while working directly with the client to create a final piece that is both effective and ear catching.

Creative Consulting

Many businesses believe “If we build it, they will come.”
Unfortunately this is not true.It’s essential to make people aware your business exists and what it offers to your potential sales demographic. Believe it or not the marketing of a business is a very creative process and, although you may be an expert in your field you may stumble as to how to creatively get the marketing ball rolling into the vast choices of media offered today. You KNOW what you want to say to the world you just don’t know how to say it. Brad’s many years of creative marketing, concepts and strategies may be helpful by offering creative insights about how to potentially grow the awareness of your business.

Media Buying

Now What?

A business makes a commitment for the creation of a promotional platform. One integral step of the success of any promotional program is the choice of media to carry the message. It can be a scary world full of demographics, choices, budgets and sales reps. This can be intimidating and time consuming for someone unfamiliar with this process. Brad has developed very good relationships with many TV, radio and print suppliers in the Vancouver area over the years and has a very good understanding of creating the right strategy to suit any given promotional campaign. He would be more than happy to help you assemble and source media to make your next marketing effort a successful one.

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Brad takes the time to understand, amplify and streamline the on air creative for a number of car dealerships I own across Western Canada. His input is a unique asset and all I have to do is make ONE CALL. He gets it … and that makes things far easier for me to do what I do … which is run my businesses. 

Lionel Robins
Owner, Revolution Auto Group

Audio Gallery

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Live is Life

Brad’s True Love is Live Performance


Brad’s true love is live performance. Possessing passion, charm and professionalism he is known for being able to captivate and involve his audience but remain personal and approachable. Whether at the Giggle Dam Theatre or on a solo stage with a simple acoustic guitar Brad never disappoints and always has a song and a smile for all around. He is available for performances big and small in a number of different musical formats.


Solo/Duo Acoustic

Brads solo acoustic cover shows move through a multitude of material and styles. It’s all about the vibe of Brads unique one man delivery. Whether it’s a small venue afternoon chill session or a larger venue ‘loud n proud’ show Brad delivers the perfect show every time. Available as a solo performer or coupled with a percussionist, Brad’s intimate shows are fun and deliver crowd friendly material from the past and present.

The Raucously Rod Show

It’s no secret that Rod Stewart is one of the worlds largest selling artists and a true crowd favorite. Quite by accident Brad was thrust into a pair of tights some years ago and realized he was more than proficient at delivering the ‘essence’ of a Rod Stewart Show to crowds at various venues. Of course the fact that he’s a friendly guy with spiky hair, a husky vocal tone and looks like Rod doesn’t hurt. In actual fact he enjoys wearing tight pvc pants and loves the way people react to his Rod show persona. Since 2001 he has been perfecting Rod at the Giggle Dam weekly and is now available for other performance venues in formats ranging from a one man ‘Rod Unplugged’ to full on live & ‘Raucously Rod’ live band rock show. The sound, the hits, the look and the absolute essence of Rod Stewart … Personified.


The Giggle Dam

Since 2001 Brad has had the good fortune to be a regular fixture at The Giggle Dam in Port Coquitlam. Touting itself as ‘A Hilarious Rockin’ Adventure … with Food’ , The Giggle Dam is home to an incredibly talented performance cast.In the tradition of Saturday Night Live and The Carol Burnett Show Brad dons multiple comedic characters as well as his guitar in every show. Here he enjoys being a full time performer and has knocked crowds dead for 11 years as a Rod Stewart Tribute artist. Since 2003 Brad has also been active as the Director of Marketing & Media where he has been instrumental in the creation of branding identity, advertising programs & web content, as well as creating amazing personal relationships with large scale media and entertainment organizations throughout the lower mainland of British Columbia.

That DAM Band

Offering  everything from full on dance sets to themed music sets to a plethora of celebrity impersonations, ‘That DAM Band’ is the live show band version of the Giggle Dam cast. A talented and experienced group of amiable personalities with the ability to rock your next party or corporate function all night long. They are ton of fun and sound great too!

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